Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I just discovered blogger. What a great idea! I'm due to go see some patients right now but I'll make an entry tonight.


At Saturday, 28 August, 2004 , Blogger Larry said...

Hello Ken,and welcome to blogging. I have a few weeks on you.
I found much in common among our interests, especially Quakerism, UU (my grandfather was a founding member of the Unitarian Church in New Orleans; in those days it really meant Christianity except for the Trinity, which is to say the divinity of Christ.)

I'd love to hear about your Quaker experience, your meeting, what's happening, FGC, FUM? what? etc. I'd also love to have you visit my blog and give me some feedback.

Hold me in the light, and I you.

At Saturday, 28 August, 2004 , Blogger Ken Bradstock said...

Wow. Thanks for the comment, Larry. I didn't really expect one so quick. I went looking for your blog and left a comment there.

I'm a member of an FUM meeting (Winston-Salem Friends Meeting in North Carolina)and a recorded minister. I prefer the theology of FGC but they tend to put me off because I'm a recorded minister. FUM ministers seem to avoid me too because I'm so liberal. So, in order to get some fellowship I joined a UU Fellowship and am in the process of talking to them about a dual ordination with them. I don't think North Carolina Yearly Meeting will be happy about that but I'm just thinking about it anyway. I love my home meeting though. They have supported me over the years and are good folk.

I certainly will hold you in the light.


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