Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shodan's Prayer

Years ago when I was in law enforcement, I studied the martial arts in a very traditional style and it took 12 years of hard work to achieve Shodan (first degree black belt). Soon after I tested for that rank with my Master, George Chartier, I wrote this poem.

Shodan’s Prayer

Though I master a martial art
so that I may pluck a flower
and cut with the pedal's edge
and crush bone
with its tender stem.

Though martial greatness I achieve,
That I might deflect
an attack with
only the blossom's fragrance.

Instead, I pray,
That I might master myself
so that the flower
might never be plucked
nor the bone crushed

That both may live
to feel
the morning dew
and the sun's
gentle warmth.


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