Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back Again

I've seemed to have lost momentum since the last post. I was finishing my doctorate and frankly, I was exhausted. Since the last post all I've done is finish my final project, rest, play computer games and sleep. I'm getting caught up on all of that, though and am ready to start writing again. It took me about 18 years to come to this place and one of my struggles after graduation in May was just not knowing what to do. I wasn't even sure who I was without the constant effort to study, write, work, be a father and a husband and - whew. Things are a little more normal now and my threats to start another doctorate have gotten thinner and further apart.

So, I've got some things stored up to write about and hope to make posts more frequent. I hope I still have some readers - somewhere out there.

I'm shocked to discover that a set of total jerks have used my blog to advertise. Please do not click on these advertisers and please promise me you'll never use them. They're without principle or ethics. I certainly wouldn't want to do business with such low life, morally bankrupt business people. I'm asking the publisher how to get them off of my site and I've had to ask you folks who want to comment to please do the word recognition thing to protect us both.